"Roster" - New Font up for Critique

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I've been working on this font for about 5 months, and I figure it's about time to get some fresh eyes on it. It's designed to work at both text and display sizes -- my goal is for it to be bold and interesting at large sizes but be extremely legible at small sizes while taking up the least amount of room.

I currently have seven different weights, though I am also planning on doing a set of obliques (I will probably do true italic characters as alternates, or vice-versa) as well as small caps/fractions/old-style figures/other OpenType features.

Let me know what you think!

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Nice work! I particularly like the smooth curves and the ink traps.

One small thing that I noticed: the outside curve on the bottom of the upper bowl of the /g/ has a bump, particularly in the roman and medium weights. The /g/ in the heavier weights has some sharp turns just to the left of that place on the joining stem.

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I don't have much to offer in the way of criticism, but I like it!

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Thanks to you both! I think I can see what you mean regarding the /g/ -- I'll smooth those out in the next version. I'll post something tomorrow or Friday with a new /g/ and any more tweaks.

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Any more thoughts on Roster? I have not updated the /g/ yet but if there are any other criticisms I'd like to address those too while I'm updating.

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Pretty solid work. Maybe a little too DIN-esque.

& seems a little unbalanced and thin on the crossbar.
Numerals look big. 2 is a little too open in the lower right. 6 and 9 a little too closed.

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Thanks riccard0! Interesting about the similarity to DIN...I was actually worried about it looking too much like Trade Gothic, but I will look into keeping it distinct from both. I really don't want to be known as the guy that makes rip-off fonts! After drawing both Roster and Normandie I noticed lots of similarities with other fonts, which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing but I do want to make them distinct with their own stand-out characteristics.

I see what you mean about the numerals -- do you recommend making them narrower? Or smaller all-together? They line up with the caps height and while I know most fonts have slightly smaller numerals I figured it worked in this case.

I'll keep going on these and hopefully have a new sample up in a week or so. I didn't have as much time to work on these this week as I would have liked.

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do you recommend making [the numerals] narrower? Or smaller all-together? They line up with the caps height and […] I figured it worked in this case

Maybe just a bit narrower could be better.
But, as you say, it depends on the intended use. I would advise you to compose some mock up of possible usage, print it out and see how it works.

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The section marks seem to lean right, and the loop around @ needs some smoothing and perfecting. Are the quotation marks a touch light?—not sure about that.

I think /r/ may be too wide. /2/ certainly needs narrowing.

I wonder if a curved bottom to /l/ like you have needs a little overshoot—I've never thought of that before.

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