"Normandie" and "Normandie Text" - Fonts up for Critique

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"Normandie" is a new Art Deco / industrial sans font I've designed, named after the 1930's French ocean liner SS Normandie. I currently have nine weights done, though next I'm planning on adding a set of italics as well as perhaps a condensed variant.

Since Normandie is really only designed to work at display sizes, I've also designed a "companion", called "Normandie Text". I've toned down some of the more eccentric pieces of the original Normandie design, enlarged the x-height, slightly condensed the uppercase and altered the forms slightly to make it less "geometric". The hope is that this will read well at text sizes while still acting as a "little brother" to Normandie.

Let me know what you think!

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Any thoughts on either of these? I'd love to get some feedback on the design. I'm starting to think about reworking the design slightly -- the original intent was to do a blend of French Art Deco and American Industrial, though I think the American aspect of the design comes through a lot more than the French (as much as I love Gotham I am a little uncomfortable about how similar the caps is in some cases).

Does anyone know of some good resources (online or otherwise) for looking at French art deco typography?

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named after the 1930's French ocean liner SS Normandie

Which has briefly be seen here (http://www.typophile.com/node/60626) ;-)

I like it overall, and, while I understand your concerns about the similarities with Gotham (and Neutra), I think it retains a distinct charme.

But, for better judging it, I think you should give some sample of text other than "The quick brown fox" (that's for Normandie sans-text).

As for the text version, I think the caps are still a little too wide compared to the lower case. Also, x and maybe r and s too are a bit wide, while o seems narrow. Poor e seems suffering a bit of overbite ;-)

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As for sources, you can try here:

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Your display/UC looks really great for me. It has a charm of XIX century founts. Here is Konsul produced ca. 1870:

BTW "Normandes" - group of very heavy classicistic Roman types.
"Normande" - typeface made by Haas Giesserei, Munchenstein in 1873
"Normandia" - typeface designed by Aldo Novarese and Alessandro Butti for Nebiolo, Torino, 1946-49
I think it is not fortunate to name Your work similar. Not to mention misleading and impolite to old masters. (the last is a matter for another discussion and my opinion only)

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Thank you both! I've made a few (minor) changes to the letterforms and it seems to be working a bit better...I'll post a new version of both in a week or so.

I will definitely look into the naming...I certainly don't want to invite confusion (my other font up on these boards, "Roster", was originally "Roster Gothic" until I discovered Mark Simonson's "Raster Gothic"). I really wanted to name this font after the ship (I'm a devoted ocean liner nerd) but I'll run through some other possible names, too. Perhaps "Pugnet" after the ship's first captain, or "Villar" after Henri Villar, the Normandie's purser who was very popular with passengers.

Anyways, I'll hopefully post a new version soon with some fixes. If anybody else has recommendations let me know!

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Hi All
I just stumbled upon this post whilst researching fonts for a small branding project.

I am really quite interested to find out more about Konsul Font (@JanekZ). I have not found any more leads on the design anywhere on the web...
Do you have some more info? it would be really great if you could pm me on contact [at] studioirrgang dot com

(Sorry to hijack this post about the equally intriguing Normandie — looks top)



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You might want to take a look at Le Havre: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/insigne/le-havre/

I actually named it Normandie, but Myfonts said it was too close to another font name. So, if that is your eventual endpoint, they will ask you to do the same.

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