Golondrina africana & Europea

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Hi, here's a experiment series i made in blackletter, first the are two styles Africana and Europea, the difference between them is the position of a 90º angle. There is also small caps based upon some attemps in the letterings i see in the streets ( i'm from Mexico, and we use lots of blackletter for anything)ended looking like lettering of heavy metal logos.

There's a more detailed preview in behance, but the version attached here is more updated

especimen.png398.51 KB
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I don't think I've ever seen such a static blackletter.
Though it grows on me, the more I look at it.

My main complaint would be the non-letter glyphs. No calligraphic origin remains, those characters look (%, & etc.) like they were laid down with electrical tape, not a pen.

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Maybe it's just me, but it feels like it's falling backwards (leaning to the left), even though that's just an optical illusion.

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small caps are a nice touch.

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Interesting experiment!
Though some glyphs would need to get revised, e.g. monetary signs.

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Nice work! Spacing is a bit uneven.

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