What do you think is a good type(promotion) catalog

Mostly designers deliver a PDF preview of their font(s) when one in made. About how it's made, how it looks, blabla. What is your opinion about what should be in it? And which already excisting promotions do you think are good?

I'm trying to make one for myself (more like a catalog but well designed), containing my font collection.

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This is something I always go through and never feel quite happy with.
Here is a link to my recent release specimen PDF:


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This is my idea of the presentation. It's more in the style of Fontshops Fontbook. But I think it's kind of boring.

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I recently designed the specimens for Commercial Type.

You can see them here, and you can download them all on the CT website

The grid was built to be easily adapted for a wide range of typeface styles (from Austin to Giorgio Sans to Guardian) while at the same time presenting each in a very reserved manner. I wanted the specimens to reference the plainspoken nature of late 19th century and early 20th century metal type specimens but with a very clean and modern edge. The specimens differ wildly in what they show for each typeface (compare Giorgio with Guardian Agate Sans for instance).

But I see you are doing this for personal use, so it need not be as (overly?) extensive as the CT ones.

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