(x) Stash Tea Typeface? - Palatino, Electra Italic, Helvetica {Max P, Mark S}

I'm doing an assignment and I'd like to find out what typeface they're using or something similar. Please help!
I've even provided you a scanned image.


Looks like Aldus, Electra Italic, and various weights and widths of Helvetica to me.

The Helvetica parts are actually horizontally stretched Helvetica Condensed. The logo is Palatino, except for the "A" which appears to be custom.

Are you sure? Aldus looks closer to me:

I think it's slightly expanded. And certainly the A has been violated.

Aldus looks closer to me

Your sample shows, to me, that it's indeed Palatino (which one exactly, it's a different matter).

I ended up using Palatino, thanks Max. And Eurostile for the bold white font.
This is what it looked like in the end.
Supposed to be a new product with an existing company.
mine was healthy energy for teens via tea form.

You're right, it's Palatino. The weight is throwing me off, which might be trapping or ink gain. Even Palatino Light is too heavy around the serifs of the S.