Critique the new typefaces of mine.

Hello friends.

I was advised by many professional typographer and designers to visit you and to get more information and comments regarding my typefaces here in

I will attach a photo contains some of my designed typefaces to let me know more about faults, modifications, hints and your acceptance of my typefaces. If the photo would not enough, I will attach a PDF file containing the specimen of my designed typefaces.

In advance, I do thank all for any comments.

Eyad Al-Samman

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I have already attached a GIF photo and it has already appeared. Thank you all for your patience.

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Hey Eyad,
I recommend uploading that PDF you mentioned. While this GIF file shows the general image, the resolution is lacking a bit. Something specific I want to see (and why I want to see the PDF) is the swelling connections in Eyadish Thin. Those look neat. But if you want more feedback, I think the PDF will be very useful.

Welcome to Typophile!

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Thank you Rob for your great feedback. I have already uploaded a PDF file in the following address:

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