(x) w - generic sans {Mike Y}

what about this one?
: )
I found it at some blog and I think the photo is from New York..


If this is a manufactured letter from sometime more than 50 years ago, why does it have to be anything more than a 'generic' sans W? It certainly wasn't from a digital font.

- Mike Yanega

Could you explain to me what are you talking about when you say 'generic' sans W ?
Each caracter is part of a typeface family didn't it ?
As some typefaces have been made during the 15-16th centuries, if there is "olny" 50 years ago it's not as long as that no?
Thanks for lighting up my brain of very beginner typefaces lover.

Each caracter is part of a typeface family didn't it ?

Not necessarily. Often just single (or few) letters are needed, thus designed.

My comment about the 'generic' sans was just that almost any sans would have a W like that. I also think if you were to ask almost anyone to draw a W, that is the shape you would get -- so in that sense it is 'generic' too.

My other point in mentioning 50 years, is that the photo is clearly from a pre-digital era, so font, the way most of us use it isn't so applicable. Many pre-digital typefaces were never made into digital fonts.

I hope that helps explain my remarks.

- Mike Yanega

well explained, Mike Y.

however I thought they had some sort of type or font as a model, when they made large signs like that.

Kay, it doesn't seem that they would have needed one. As I said, that is the shape anyone would draw to represent a block W, as some call it. If you were to use a ruler to draw a W, isn't that what you would produce?

- Mike Yanega

Ok Mike I understand your answer from now :)
It's pretty clear I'm ok with you.
Thanks for your feedback !