Personal Identity

I did some concept drawings for my "art studio/company". The name Eggroll Industries dates back to high school and my nickname is Eggroll.

I want it to look a little retro/artsy and simple so it won't detract from my art. I didn't buy the font yet so I can't provide larger examples. These are all roughs. I think the finished version I'm going to use a scanner technique or print them so it has a screened poster feeling.

I'm using a costume to brand myself. You can see a photo I took of me in it...long explanation.

Anyways, feedback welcome!


Miss Tiffany's picture

I saw the first one and saw a fortune cookie. It might be fun to see if you can't get it to look more like a fortune cookie. A fun visual play?

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It's funny you say that because my old logo from high school used to be a fortune cookie. Also, I was thinking of using an actual fortune cookie with my information on it for promotion.

Nice observation.

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