Rebrand Farmers Market: Please Critique Logo


I am rebranding the downtown farmers market in Marquette, MI.
Any feedback on the logo ideation would be greatly appreciated.



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riccard0's picture

#2 (third in list) for me.
Maybe just make "downtown marquette" a little bigger. And perhaps capitalised.

animal's picture

Thanks riccard0!

Do you think this is working?

Also, I know that I am breaking the "using only two typeface" rule.
But I am trying to achieve a pastiche/retro feel... is this alright?

Does the rooster make the overall weight feel unbalanced?

riccard0's picture

"Downtown Marquette": the first or the last type treatment. Size, the first one. Maybe even a little more curved, if it doesn't look awkward. Maybe I would try a loopless q, I tend to read "Marguette".

The "two typefaces" rule: it doesn't apply here. I think you graciously succeed in giving the right retro feel.

The rooster: it adds a subtle yet charming asymmetry that liven up the composition.

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Are they going to have to change the year on all their collateral every year?

all about seb's picture

I quite like what you have going there - some ideas:

• not sure about the 'The' at the top. Even though I like Bello very much, it seems overpowering and drawing too much attention to itself.
• you might consider increasing the stroke width of the shadow on 'MARKET' as there is a danger of it disappearing at smaller sizes.
• maybe decrease the size of the stars?
• slightly more space between 'FARMERS..' and 'MARKET'?
• like Picard said, maybe remove the '2010' and use the space for 'EST. 1931'

Looking forward to how this turns out.


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I like it. There are only a few things to tune. (I have no tips to add.)

The "two typefaces" rule: it doesn't apply here. I think you graciously succeed in giving the right retro feel.

For me that is the most difficult thing in those projects.

With regard to the rooster and the "The". It takes a bit of the asymmetry of the ampersand back. Without it, the asymmetry would drag attention in a negative way. That’s good. If Bello drags to much attention, may be dependent from the size in this case. And in the example with the background pattern, I think Bello drags less attention.

animal's picture

Thank you for the feedback everyone.

I have tried to take as much of your feedback into consideration.
Here is a symmetrical look at this logo with "the" sized down,
as well as, the "downtown marquette" sized up and arched
more I am still trying to work with the sizing between the
"farmers and artists" and "market."

I am still working with the weight of the drop shadow stroke of market.

Thanks for the help everyone!

This is where I am at. Should I go back to the asymmetrical logo?

I posted a larger image in the main post as "TestLogo1"

Arno Enslin's picture

"Est. 1931" looks discentered (to the right) in the first example from your last post, although it probably is centered and the reason for that impression is the space above the letter e. I would take the first example, but put "Est. 1931" to the bottom as in the second example. And somehow it does not look like a logo anymore. I liked it (a bit) more in the circle with the background-texture. But probably it is dependent from the purpose.

animal's picture

Thank You Arno.

I will try repositioning the Est. 1931 and I do want to keep the
circular logo as secondary logo/crest or maybe a sticker or wax
stamp on the print promotional package containing the stationery,
flyers and brochure.

I will explain that in the identity manual along with the year update.
Also, I am going to see what it looks like with "2010" excluded like
Picard said earlier.

animal's picture

I haven't quite made all of the changes yet, but I was
wondering if this logo is working aesthetically.

Should I lose the boarder ornamentations?

Tell's picture

Yes, lose the border. There's enough going on. How small will this thing get?

eliason's picture

I like this but would say
- it's rather too busy
- I think the font of "2010" is a mismatch stylistically
- don't miss the typo in the spelling of "Marquette"!

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The logo (in print) will be sized to fit the cover of the brochure... but I didn't really think about the possibility of the logo being sized down for other print material. Maybe I should start designing my logos in the size of a postage stamp like Herbert Leupin! I just found out today that the market does not want stationery any longer, so I'm not sure how small this logo will get.

I will have a primary logo, secondary and a seal/tertiary - I will start printing them to see how they look at smaller sizes.
Thanks for pointing that out Tell.

Oh wow! haha
Thanks for telling me about that typo! Geez.
Do you think archer would work better for the numbers?

Any suggestions for making it less busy?
Thanks for the feedback!

eliason's picture

Maybe the bird should go?
Yes, try Archer for the year.

Tell's picture

Try and get the entire mark reading as a single element, rather than a collection of elements that are stacked on and around each other.

Also most company's budgets barely have enough allocated to promote 1 logo, let alone 3. Work on a single strong logo, then look at a graphic system that supports it.

You could even think about implementing it with stamps – it would give it a hand crafted feel, link to trading seals, and would be able to turn any old piece of paper into stationery.

David Sudweeks's picture

Target shoppers may subconsciously feel at home with the Farmers & Artists Market brand.
I second 'lose the bird.'

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