Postcard Design

Hello, I was hoping I could get some comments and criticism on this item. It's a postcard being sent out as an invitation to my portfolio show, and I am hoping to develop 2 or 3 full size posters further developing the idea of creativity as a currency. Any and all comments welcome!

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Not bad ;-)
Not sure about the grey border.
Also the main type looks somewhat heavy.

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The grey border is the background/artboard, not part of the design. What can you recommend for the type?

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Maybe you could try a subtle gradient.

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I like the idea and the background pattern, also the gradient.
Maybe the grey border is distracting, if it’s not part of the design try a white one, the colours may seem less intense.
I agree with riccard0 about the main type. It’s too heavy and/or the contrast is too harsh.

In print, silver would look great, at least for ‘creativity’ and ‘currency’. Or even a hologram/kinegram ;)
But maybe lightening up your charcoal and a lighter weight would do.

For further (banknote) inspiration see also

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