Condensed Serif?

Hi, can anybody identify this condensed serif?


Not really.

This is an odd font. Most narrow high contrast serifs I can find, like http://Onyx, or http://Ambroise, or http://Bodoni Black Condensed have all got ruled serifs. I suppose someone could have modified one of these (or similar) fonts to create a new font, so perhaps looking among the freebies would be worth doing. I searched 'narrow serifs' at both Veer and MyFonts and did not see anything closer than those I mentioned.

- Mike Yanega

Thank you very much for your help! I'll go hunting for narrow serifs over the Easter break then!

I checked the freebie serifs at Dafont, and the 'narrow serifs' at FontShop (keyword search there is not too helpful), but didn't find this in either site.

- Mike Yanega