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Post-TypeCon2003 - SOTA members

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Joined: 15 Jan 2003 - 11:00am
Post-TypeCon2003 - SOTA members

With all of the post-TypeCon kudos being thrown around, there is still room to add more. One item that attendees were given at registration was the premier issue of “Interobang” edited by Steven Coles. Not quite a newsletter, not quite a magazine, but still a fine member publication and yet another reason to join SOTA. I am really looking forward to issue #2. Nice job SColes!

For those SOTA members who did not make TypeCon, a nice little package will be sent out as a consolation prize…and for those contemplating joining SOTA for this year, we will add in a few other things to be announced soon. SOTA membership runs from Jan1-Dec31 each year and even though the conference is a fond hazy memory, there are plenty of reasons to join (not least of all, so we can get the groundwork for the bay area Typecon2004 started).

This is really turning into a sales pitch so I will get back to my TypeCon2003 photo page which will be posted soon.

Great to see everyone in MinneSOTA!