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(x) Western Themed Font - Thunderbird Extra Condensed {Mike F}

Anyone know what font the word "PAWNSHOP" is in? I need to vectorize it, but can't seem to find an exact match. I'm not convinced that somebody spent the time to customize one, so I'm assuming I can find a pretty close match. Looked through dafont's western fonts and 1001fonts also, nothing that was right. Any Ideas?


Some other place where to look:

I tried the Tuscan search at MyFonts and there is no exact match there. Tuscan Egyptian and Cibola were the most similar, and might be made to look like yours with some copied serifs for the A and W.

- Mike Yanega

See also these two digitizations of the wood type called Sutro: Buffalo Gal MT and Egiptian Ornamented.

Ah, here we go - Thunderbird Extra Condensed.

Good one Mike! I didn't realize Thunderbird had an Extra Condensed version, so I kept passing that one by.

- Mike Yanega

Yup Mike F! That was it, turns out the raised print had bled out a little abstracting the font. Got it revectorized, thanks a bunch!