Logo critique: Rookie designer - IT, web hosting company

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Hi there this is my first post-
Rookie designer looking for some critique/ feedback on these logos.

This is a re-brand for an established IT help desk company
which is looking to promote the web hosting side of their business.

They're present branding includes the red colour, with just text (arial i think)
I'd unfotrunately like to stick with only the fonts you get free on a standard mac.

I would like to present a maximum of 3 logos to the client,
not got the confidence yet to decide for myself whats best.

Any feedback welcome, just your top 1 or 2 logos
some finish work needed on all logos

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I would focus and work more on idea D. Perhaps combining an actual (and more calligraphic) lowercase e with a lowercase d?

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Definitely not B. Too much detail.

Not A, C or E either, because they depict WiFi service or product.

That leaves D, which is not bad purely from the perspective of the mark design. But I cannot relate the mark to neither help desk nor to the web hosting service. So I agree with gtrianta - D shows most promise, but it needs work.

Also consider using two colors for edesk. One for e, and the other - for desk.

Also d-e and s-k look too loose compared to e-d and e-s. I would re-kern for consistency.

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I really like the 'd' mark. Not sure it needs tweaking at all.

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D looks way too "d-ish" as it stands now. I don't see the e.

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Thanks gtriana - i'll investigate the calligraphic style, not sure if I have a font for the type that will match it, or if it relates to th business

apankrat - thanks also, i'd agree with you that the e and desk need differentiated, and that E and C depict wi-fi,
the idea with A is that the 3 lines depict a stack of hard disks (the web hosting) and also and uppercase E,
which i guess is redundant really.

thanks aluminium, always good to hear a positive with the constructive, I guess I need to work on the d mark and see what
i come up with.

if anyone has any ideas on a mark that depicts web hosting (not forgetting the ITdesk angle) i would be glad of the advice

Good Stuff!

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I am a bit color blind (green and brown colors are sometimes a problem). So don’t give too much on my comment with regard to the colors: The contrast of color and light is odd in all examples. The colors somehow don’t work together (in both columns, except from the white logos). And partly the examples look mixed up from existing logos/icons.

And I dislike the shine on the symbol in A and D. In A and E the color of the three curves does not harmony with the rest of the icon/sign.

The best is this ed-ligature. But even there is a disharmony between the ligature and the text below.

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thanks arno, i'm also colourblind, they all seem like fair points.
I think i'm probably spreading myself too thinly and beed to work on just one logo

Cheers Guys

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