(x) Can you name the font ? / 'La Focaccia': bold unconnected brush script - Forte {Mike Y}


I'm kind of in a tight spot on this one. Can anyone name the font on this logotype? I can't seem to identify this one, though it seems familiar.

Is this a commercial font? or a free font?

Thanks for the help.

Best regards.


What logotype?

Hi Romar, welcome to Typophile.

We can help better if you show us your sample (see FAQ about how to post images), and if you edit your title to be a better description of what you are posting. As the originator, you can edit the title.

- Mike Yanega


It seems odd that my attachment went missing. Regardless I edited my original post. I hope you can see the attachment now :).

My apologies for the mishap.


That's Forte from Monotype.

- Mike Yanega

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the really quick reply :).

My solution currently is to just do a trace in Illustrator since I don't have this font installed. And I don't need to buy it since I'm gonna use it for one quick work only :).

Really appreciate the help.

Thanks and best regards.

- Romar