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(x) THE FRIGHTENED CITY 1961 A dead font?/ Bold condensed stencil sans - similar to Futura, Avant Garde {Nick Curtis, Mike Y}

I am quite hoping to identify the font from the 1961 poster for "The Frightened City." I am guessing the stencil variety was custom and is not available, however, I would be perfectly content knowing the basic font character set used here or any other information about these characters. I've been searching for a few years for this font, but with no luck. Proxima Nova condensed Black is somewhat close, but not exactly it. The Gs, Cs, and Rs are not right. Thanks much in advance!!


Futura Extrabold Condensed, perhaps?

It's close, but not quite the same. The Hs,Ts,Es and Is don't seem far off, but if you look at the C and G, the differences become more apparent. Thanks for the guess though! It's quite appreciated.

If you look at Avant Garde Gothic Condensed in the heavier weights, it is pretty close, except the R would need a bit of work.

This seems like a faux-stencil, but in the 60's such a thing may have been created from an existing Sans (of which there were literally hundreds of variations of weight, width, and design details).

- Mike Yanega

- Mike Yanega