Personal Logo_Crits Welcome

I've been working this out for a bit now.

I am looking for some criticism/help. I'm not afraid.

This is a personal logo design, it is my initials which are c j d. i prefer the lower case. Let me know how you feel.

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Thanks by the way

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the logo feels old/dated. if that's what you're going for...nailed it.

any particular reason you feel the need to make a logo out of your initials? While it's not such a bad idea - as a design exercise - my thoughts are you'll communicate more clearly...with letters as they are, and more memorably...with something unique.

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Personally, I tend to make everything a bit dated. It's a shame, but I try.

I use my initials because I have never been happy with any types of marks I make. So i default to a symbol that I made out of my initials.

Do you have a recommendation by what you mean by letters as they are? Do you mean something simpler, maybe more typographic?

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As someone else said once about one of my logos - "it's nice, but it lacks the AHA moment", i.e. it is forgettable. Yours is a nice geometrical approach to combining 3 letters, but that is all there is to it.

Have a look, for example, to Ty Wilkins logo. Or better yet, skim through this, this and this. There is plenty of letters only logos on these lists.

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Thanks for those links. The Ty logo is pretty excellent. I am through one of the helvetica brands thing and already feeling a bit inspired. I would like to keep the cjd aspect and im going to continue looking for some 'aha'!

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