Brownstone Sans PDF Specimen

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A few days ago we were very happy to announce the release of Brownstone Sans typeface.

Now we are happy to introduce the Brownstone PDF Specimen. Usually we like to invite young illustrators, photographers, typographers to collaborate on some material to preview the new designs. (e.g. Business Penmanship PDF)

The Brownstone Sans is a very special specimen for us because it was written and photographed by Jon Parker, a good and personal friend who actually lives on Brooklyn.

Visit Sudtipos.

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No G'N'R lyrics?

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haha Nick, not a bad idea!

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That PDF link doesn't work for me.

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...just in case my html format do not work.

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Are there really words that include the sequence /gkg/?

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well, not really, but I did gk and kg before so I simply added this one. who knows...maybe license it.... or maybe you can call a store and use it there , hehehe :P

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I really like your Brownstone Sans! Great for CI!

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