(x) Slab Serif Identification - TheSerif {Minimalista}

Hi all,
I came accross a Slab Serif, which Q is like the TheSans prior to the open type version.
The Q of TheSans (old version) used to have the "tail" detached from the rest of the body and it look like an eyebrow at the bottom of the Q, just like this Slab Serif.
Can somebody help me identify it?

Thanks so much,



TheSerif has that Q in the regular and office version.

Yes —thank you so much, I can recognize TheSans and then ignore TheSerif...
it is the old version which I loved because of the detached tail.



I've been trying to post the character set but typophile keeps breaking the link. It appears that the Q you're looking for is in the recent version. TheSans still has it too.

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