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This is a little preview of the upcomming new pixel fonts that i am finishing to launch in Atomic Media, this one is called Arizona, please let me know that you think about it. More Cowboy fonts soon.


the webstern pack is comming!

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very nice, Miguel!

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yeah, this is really good work, but i would try it with 1 less pixel in the width of "O" and "Q". i am not sure i can make the difference between V and Y. Their difference is just a singe pixel...arizona mod 01

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Miguel rocks.

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I agree with Alex. I would make the O and Q 1 pixel less wide.
For the rest I really like it. You are the Pixel Wizard for me. Great job.


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I know this font/topic is way old, but I can't find this font anywhere online. It is perfect for a cell phone game I'm doing art assets for, but I can't even locate a download/purchase, not to mention a license for such use.

Miguel, did you ever complete Arizona and Kuppa and make them available to the world at large? (I don't find them in your excellent collection at Atomic Media, though there are some clearly influenced there. In particular, I also love Tekilla.)

Anyway, they are both excellent bitmap fonts, and I'd love to have them available for use. Please let me know how/where to find them.

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