Move over Ecofont! You have competition.

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And her name is Century Gothic.

I thought that this was interesting, especially given the "ecofont is a gimmick" discussion that raged on here a short while ago.


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I guess paper usage isn't a factor.

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Wouldn't it be irrelevant? I mean, for the typical office-wide printer, how could paper type take more ink? I'm not too familiar on the mechanics.

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James, I think he means that Century Gothic sets wider than Arial, and, therefore, would use more paper.

I checked this out before talking to an NPR reporter about it last week. The difference is not as great as I would have thought. In many cases, I don't think it will make a difference in the number of pages printed, but occasionally, especially with longer emails or emails that nearly fill the last page, it might add a page. It would have to be a very long email to add more than one page.

Still, I would be curious to know how much of the savings in ink will be lost in increased paper usage.

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Mark, they seem to be recommending increasing the type size. Their "how to" indicates switching to 12 and 11.

This sets quite a bit longer than 10pt Arial or the more recent 11pt Calibri defaults.

Incidentally compares ink usage of 11pt Arial against 10pt Century Gothic.

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Besides questionable environmentalist reasons…
12 point Century Gothic? Ouch!

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Set of screen grabs...

Above: Century Gothic 12

Above: Century Gothic 11

Above: Century Gothic 10

Above: Calibri 11 (Outlook 2007/2010 default)

Above: Arial 10 (Outlook 2003 default)

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12 point Century Gothic? Ouch!

Tell me about it, I've had the 'joy' of setting an entire annual report in Century Gothic. Body copy AND financials.

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Size matters. Huh!?

Font matters? 2xHuh!?

The other interesting thing, (besides that Mark did not give up the secret of optical scaling nor did Mr. Fink leap forward to accuse NPR of being part of the Founding Fathers Conspiracy), is that All the Type In the Document must be 10 point Century Gothic! Clear! You start printing even a few pages of "GO PACK GO!" in Impact all caps 456 point, and You Are On Double Secret Probation.

And the other other thing is, why don't they just make the windows users buy and carry around their own cartridges!? ;)


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