{Custom Type} PUERTO QUEPOS Ambigram

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My Dad's cousin Melissa lives down in Costa Rica as an industrial designer, building and designing the most magnificent homes you'll ever step foot in. My gf and I had the opportunity to spend some time with her and her family at the end of our recent trip to Costa Rica. Not only is she building amazing homes, but she's revitalizing the design sense of the town around her. The main town nearest to the houses/beach is referred to as Quepos, but it's technically Puerto Quepos and interestingly enough Quepos is a few meters below sea level, they have a New Orleans complex. The only thing that separates the town from the ocean is a big sea wall that runs the width of the town on one side, which can be seen here in one of the photos from our trip: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4337387/P1000082.jpg On the back of the sea wall are benches and plants running most of the length, behind which Melissa has started turning the retaining wall into a giant tile mosaic. It depicts different native Costa Rican animals on each section, ie. a sea turtle on one, a marlin on another. Melissa asked me if I could create a PUERTO QUEPOS ambigram to be installed on the wall and possibly other places around the town, naturally I told her not every word or phrase is possible, but I'd try it out. Fortunately for her, it is possible and thus created this for her to work with. To have my work become a part of a permanent installation, a landmark if you will, is pretty damn exciting, especially in a different country as beautiful as Costa Rica is.

Edit: Wow, the cap Q from the thread title in Belucian is nice!

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I see "Suerto Queras", or "Sucrto Quepas".

- Lex

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Wow, it looks very good. Even if it's not very easy to read, it begs for deciphering, which would be easy for the locals.

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This could be lovely with inset precious/ shiny stone.

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confusing but cute.

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confusing but cute

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If the central vertical were full width, it would help the P and wouldn't hurt the R any.

I think "Suerto" is a significant problem and it's probably even a word. It may be preferable to use a leaning-to-the-right-sort-of-long-S. And then you could bring down the height of the U/O, tucking the u into the empty space under the P, which will also help the legibility of the O because it will be rounder and because a raised O is commonplace in deco.

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I think removing that vertical chunk from P/S gets you much of the way to fixing the suerte problem. Good luck!

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