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Hey, i'm working on a logo for a youthgroup called Blueprint. This is my latest idea, simply a B cut into the ground with a hidden P. The only criteria was to make it stamped. Just looking for any input or critique,


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it's just b/w for now i'll add colour once I get the shape done

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without more actual information on the organization it's hard to really give you input. Though I do like it. But for a youthgroup I think it may be a little to conservative without knowing more about the actual org.

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I didn't really get the "cut into the ground" part until after I read your description. I wonder if there's a better way to render that depth.

- Lex

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Good point, I was thinking with the less conservative the posters/flyers etc it'd go one, it would stand out and be recognisable. Also i didn't want to take a patronising hip youth angle with it as they are 14-18year olds. But i'm just a student so please correct me if i'm wrong

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I added a ledge around the bottom of the B, does that help. Can't really think of any other ways than a gradient or maybe white lines being triangles, any ideas?

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also how's the typography and the layout of the text/image

edit: can't get the updated image to show just a min

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You could add wider counters:

I just scetched this. Make it work with text below.

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just tried thickening, it doesn't look bad but I think the idea of the white lines being the corners of the indent is lost.

WHat do you guys think of the ledge along the bottom?

also how do you upload the images to you post? i can only get them to work up top

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just added 2.0 thicker lines and a more defined B with a ledge

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> a B cut into the ground with a hidden P

I'm not seeing this. Do you mean something like this?

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I think the first one is the better looking.
I agree with Tomi: you can just drop the (albeit clever, but not so discernible) "cut in the ground" idea, and go for a visually pleasing shape instead.

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hmm don't think my client is to happy with it or is just using another designer, thanks for the help anyway

apankrat: yea that is a much better example of what I was trying to do

riccard0: also a good idea may try this to

I'll do some more work on this just for myself later and post them up

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talk to your client. seriously.

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