Difference between Cyrillic к and Latin k

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Difference between Cyrillic к and Latin k

Hello, I've recently started designing a Cyrillic typeface, when I realized that there is a huge difference between the Cyrillic "Кк" and the Latin "Kk". I want to ask what exactly is the difference between them.

I see that in some typefaces the only difference is that the stem of the lower case "k" is shortened to the x-height - is this the only difference?

And can I use the Latin "Kk" in a Cyrillic typeface? And what would be wrong if I do as I suppose only type designers would spot the difference?

Thanks in advance

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Before designing for an unfamiliar writing system, it is necessary to gain some understanding of the idioms of particular styles. Just as, for example, the shapes and deatils of Latin letters have different characteristics in different styles, by which we recognise and classify those styles, the same is true of Cyrillic. I recommend that you spend a lot of time looking at different Cyrillic type specimens, identifying different styles and noting the major idiomatic features of those styles. There will be, of course, exceptions to the major idioms, but it is best to gain an understanding of the general patterns before exploring novel combinations.

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...only type designers would spot the difference?

That's what Maxim Zhukov says (tongue in cheek): one designs for one's peers.
And here he is at TDC's Cyrillic seminar a few years ago.