Perfectly round G, sans serif, high crossbar

I hope I've posted this in the right location. I'm a desktop publishing hobbyist, and I've been asked to create a poster for a local nonprofit. I'd like to find a sans-serif font with a perfectly round capital G, thick letters (but not too thick), with a high crossbar. (Is that the right word for it?) This is for a fund-raising dinner, and my plan is to turn the G into a plate, and the crossbar into the shape of a fork.

Any recommendations?



I think Bernhard Gothic would meet these descriptions.

- Mike Yanega

Hi Jenel,

what about Avant Garde Gothic?

Thanks for the suggestions. I like both of those. I also ran across Samosata NF, which has kind of a neat capital E that I could play with when creating the fork. But Samasota is so much cheaper (about $8) that it makes me wonder if something is wrong with it. Any feelings on that?

By the way, in playing with the design, I no longer think I want a high crossbar. A lower crossbar makes the plate and fork look more like a G.

In other words, I'm willing to pay more for a font if it performs better.

Agenda is a very nice font, but it doesn't have the perfectly round G I'm looking for. Thanks for the reply, though!

it makes me wonder if something is wrong with it

Samosata is based on Bernhard Gothic. This old metal font has a couple of alternate characters. One can intersperse a line with those in order to establish a quirkier Art Deco look. Some digitizations of Bernhard Gothic also feature these extra glyphs, see the Agfa/Monotype version. For Samosata, Nick Curtis has merged all those alternates into one font. While the single-storey ‘a’ or the ‘k’ with its proudly exposed leg is nice, other characters are way too strange to work (as default forms): the uncial ‘e’, the ultra-narrow ‘s’, the ‘z’ with descender …