New and would like advice on my typeface

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Hi, I just found this website a few days ago and joined. I am working on my first typeface and would appreciate any feedback you can offer. The top version was inspired by linoleum cutting, but I decided to do a solid version as well in case the "cut" version was too much. Do you think I need a solid version? Linocut Typeface

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The top version actually has a lot of potential, I think. The bulging outlines combined with the inlines seems to give it a third dimension, which is rare in type.


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Thanks for the feedback. It gives me the confidence to keep working. It still needs alot of work. I will post some more after I make some progress on it.

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After looking at it again, the center stem of the lc "m" being so short seems to create a huge "counter" that doesn't balance with the other letters IMO. Maybe when you show more of the letters it may blend in for all I know. Just feeling talkative I guess. I like it .

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