(x) 50's era gas pump globe writing - lettering (similar to Poster Gothic, Refrigerator), Lydian {Nick Curtis, Rainer, Mark S}

Anybody know the typefaces used on this gas pump globe? This closest I could come for the Magic Benzol line was Lydian. I'm guessing that Refrigerator by Mark Simonson would be the closest thing for THONI OIL CO. and JET POWER. I have no idea about the 90.

Anybody care to lend a helping hand?



Thoni Oil Co. appears to be in an old ATF face called Poster Gothic; unfortunately, the font available by that name doesn't resemble the original in any way, shape or form. FWIW, I have a version in the works, but it's a few months off...

Mr. Curtis,

Thank you very much for your response. I would be very much interested in your version. Could you please keep me in the loop when it becomes available? I found this while researching my last name. I've always wanted to make it into t-shirts for cousins.

Thanks again.

Mark, don't know about the original typeface, but Mr. Curtis usually knows his stuff. If you want a similar digital substitute now, try
Morris Sans Condensed. Basically Bank Gothic with more variations and lowercases. The small cursive font looks like Lydian Italic to me. Have no time now to look for substitutes for the 90, maybe later.

This sort of thing was always hand-lettered, not set in type, or based on specific typefaces. By hand-lettered, I don't mean each globe was painted by hand. It would have been silkscreened (or something similar), but based on hand-drawn original art.

Refrigerator was inspired by things like this. I did it precisely because no existing typefaces looked quite like hand-drawn styles like this.

The small line does look like Lydian and is small enough that it probably was set from type on the original art.

Renko, I have purchased Mr. Curtis' fonts before and will continue to do so. Especially when his version of Poster Gothic is available. Thank you very much for your response.

Mr. Simonson, Thank you very much for your reply as well. Judging by the responses, my type id-ing skills aren't so bad.

I sincerely appreciate all the hard work you all do. Your time is even more appreciated. The fact that you took the time to respond is very humbling.

I wish you all the best and will continue to admire your work from afar.

Thanks again,

Mark T.