Sans family - Working Title: Hopper

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Dear Everybody Who Loves Font,

This is my first - quite serious - attempt to draw a font family.

Basic concept was/is to draw a Thin and Black weights and blend
and carefully review all the weights in between.

Now I like this - and would be glad to have any critique.



P.S.: Numerals look still something ugly for me - I'm working on it.

P.S.2.: Italic is mainly oblique for now - except 'f' and 'f-ligas' - but
a few glyphs are planned to be redrawn.

hopper_family_specimen_00.pdf276.79 KB
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Hm... It this so uninteresting? :)

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Here are a few observations:

ae and OE seem clogged in the middle.

The curly-legged R variant seems out of place.

5 looks bottom heavy.

oslash and Oslash need some adjustment for the optical illusion at the intersections.

@ is interesting!

bottom terminal of e might get too thin in some weights.

is there a different in those italic Ms?

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Thank you!

Already dropped the curly-leg R for the same reason
and yeah, it is mistyped, the M...
Small caps Ms show the real variants...

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please replace your obliques with true italics as soon as you can... :|

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