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Oops, sorry, I did not mean to make a dramatic announcement that goes front page. I was simply updating my profile! My point was just to say that I am not keeping a blog here because I have one elsewhere, just in case someone clicked on the link to my blog. Now that this has been automatically put front page, I might as well give explanations. (Feel free to disregard this self-indulgent post!)

Davidikus is my blog. I often describe it as:

Davidikus is the visual diary of an exile in London. David is almost exclusively a photoblog, in English and in French about all sorts of things happening in the life of its owner, in London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Rio de Janeiro and other places...

Davidikus is not the chronicle of my life. Davidikus does not show extensively all that I do or eat (I am sure you will be grateful for that). Davidikus is about sharing photographs of what I have seen and I have like or dislike, what has shocked me, intrigued me... Davidikus is about what struck me.

Davidicus means « David’s » or « of David » in Latin. There were too many Davidicusses on the web so I decided to call the blog on my work Davidikus to give more visual rhythm to the second part of the word - & as an inconscient homage to Zeiss Ikon. I was reminded later that I always complain people replace the mute c in my last name (Ranc, pronounced [rã] or /rã/) with a very loud k (Rank). Therefore, Davidikus means « David Ranc’s » or « of David Ranc ».

Davidikus is not a typography blog but there are some pictures of type in use (often « vernacular » inscriptions, type sculpted in stone, cast in iron etc.), or lettering. Davidikus currently showcases a type I am working on (called Bergamote).

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Back where I belong now: oblivion! Apologies again.

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