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This display version of Karmina Regular was developed for a particular client with a specific set of requirements in mind. The client is using the full Karmina family for all their communication materials and needed a version for large size applications, as big as billboards. They liked the sturdiness and low contrast of Karmina and didn't want to loose those features too much in the display version. After several presentations and more extreme variants, we nailed the design. The contrast is rather low for a display version, but the overall feel of the typeface is elegant, slim and yet sturdy enough. Both parties are very happy with the result and we look forward to see some applications.

Steven Acres's picture

"Discreetly" has two "e"s. :)

I like the relationship between the x-height and the cap height... the typeface definitely has a nice feel to it. I like the corner that's cut off on the "e" as well.

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