(x) ID: Bit like a cross between Trajan & Optima (?) / flare serif - custom for Tesco Finest {Nick Cooke himself}

I wonder could you help me identify this font, which I feel I should know, but can't figure it out. I've included all the characters I have which may help, though I've only got uppercase samples.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help,


Thanks for having a look Nick - it seems to be a tricky one to ID!

Thanks again,

That appears to be an early version of a typeface I did for Tesco Finest (not the final one).

I saw this post a couple of times and thought it looked familiar - that's why.

Thanks Nick,
I suspected it was a custom font - it is indeed from a Finest pack.
Thanks for you help, much appreciated.


Maybe they did use that one for the final version after all.