FontBook 4th Ed.

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Hey all,

The highly acclaimed FontBook 4th Edition was published in 2006, so I'm just curious how relevant it is since 4 years have passed.

I realize that it is listed as one of the essential books, but I just want to make sure that it's worth my USD$99 before I pick a copy up. How often do you consult this dense resource? Do you feel it is outdated to the point where you search through from the get-go, bypassing the book altogether?

I will appreciate any and all thoughts.


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What do you want to use it for? I have a much older, and much less exhaustive copy of an Agfa font catalogue, covering Adobe, Berthold, Linotype, and a few others in about 1995. I make use of it occasionally when I want to ID a typeface that doesn't come to mind immediately. I find books handier in many cases than online samples, although they do get dated.

I have long craved that FontBook, but never managed to get it to the top of the "must buy" list.

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I would primarily use it for font identification and ideas. Not to mention the fact that I have a slight feeling that it's something that I could page through for hours and never get enough. I just don't really know about the price or the 'must buy' factor. I've found others that seem much more practical (and are easier on the bank).

Thanks for the input Don. Much appreciated.

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I don't recall the previous version, but I can definitely agree with "could page through for hours and never get enough."

Best feature (other than the fonts): It has three ribbons to mark pages. One yellow, one black and one white.

Not best feature: The paper is a little thin (out of necessity as there are so many pages).

I recommend buying it for the fun factor alone.

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