Random font knowledge in the news...

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Just for interests sake:


anybody know about this Typeface?

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Articles about type that show up in (relatively) mainstream media are interesting, because they help us understand how the general populace (read: people who aren't on typophile) thinks they relate to type. It's easy to scoff at the uneducated opinions (the commenter who said that she uses Arial on her husband's website and Impact for photos comes to mind), but there is still something we can learn from articles like this. I'd be interested to know whether Colleen can recognize Georgia when she's not selecting it out of a drop-down menu. Do the positive associations she has with Georgia (probably the second- or third-most common font on the web) carry over past her own writing?

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I tend to find the comments from "regular folks" are often the most entertaining and interesting aspects of these articles.

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I have to be in the right mood for those comments, though; otherwise I just get angry.

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