Attractive Bodoni-esque font

I picked up a copy of John Mullan's How Novels Work (OUP) in a bookshop, and thought the text face was surprisingly pleasant and readable. I wondered what it was, as none of the Bodoni and other "modern" (in the classification sense) faces I have on my computer really work for sustained text.

I didn't buy the book (I don't buy books just for the typeface any more) and I haven't been able to find a downloadable image, but you can look at extracts from the book on Amazon and Google Books.

Any thoughts?


um, Miller?

Two of the Miller packages on myFonts are discounted right now. I wonder if that means there's an Opentype version coming?

Is that how it works or are they just encouraging me to use my credit card again? If so, they were successful.

It's definitely Miller in the Google book link you presented.

Thanks for the identification – and for the news about the MyFonts discount! I'm increasingly impressed with FontBureau's work, not least the digitisation of one of my favourite book faces for the Linotype system, Juliana.