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(x) what is this scripty font? - Bernhard Script {Michel B}

Please help me identify the font that the word "mostella" is in. Looks like a thicker more upright "ribbon" font...but not.
Thanks! Liz


Any idea how old this logo is? It looks maybe pre-digital.

- Mike Yanega

It looks quite similar to the new revival by Canada Type of Mayfair by R. H. Middleton, from the 1930's. Your sample looks bolder, and the 'a' and 'm' aren't exactly the same, but added stroke would get you pretty close.

- Mike Yanega

Here is a grab of Bernhard Script in reverse vido from MyFonts.

Reverse video makes things harder to see. That looks close to my eye.

thanks you guys, i think bernhard script might be the ticket.
who knew it's right under my nose:) liz

That's it all right. Good spotting Michel.

- Mike Yanega