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(x) Life on Mars - Beauvoir - AnAkronism {Andreas H}

Found this marvelous peace of script, but identifont and whatsthefont didn find anything alike.
And searching google for original Beauvoir logo didnt help either.


Wolfram is eerily similar. I don't know if an 'un-rugged- version exists though.

First I thought that that sign was custom lettered from the same sources that was Wolfram, but with spesially designed capital, then I scrolled throuh all on Nick's fonts on MyFonts, and didnt fiand anything similair and finally I've opened "is your friend" link!

THX Fontgrube!

BTW, how to move the post to solved?

The moderators' team will do that for us. YW.
And ... er ... yes, the links on this board are a little "hidden" when you're not used to it.