Antique serif with oblique 'o' - Joannie Young

Hi folks, this looks like something I thought I had seen before, but I have had no luck locating it. The letters seem rather crudely shaped, but they appear consistent enough to think it's a font. I searched Dafont, and "1800s" at MyFonts, as well as several of my type books. I suspect a revival, perhaps by an amateur.

Anyone recognize it?


- Mike


It looks almost like a poorly-traced Belwe, although the 'Y' and 'g' are completely different.

- Lex

Thanks Lex. I see the resemblance, especially the 'a'. My own candidate for a starting point was Ray Larabie's Goodfish, with a substituted 'a', but if either of these were used, then strange things were done to the 'u' (maybe a flipped and tweaked 'n'?)

If I were trying to re-create this I think I'd use letters from both fonts, but I have to say the work looks very clumsy and amateurish. (Probably about what I'd be capable of ;-))

- Mike Yanega