1930 Polo Magazine Font

Hello Typophiles,

I am designing a website for a polo club. As a source of inspirations I have the following picture of a magazine (1930), from the time this club was at its peak. Is there a close approximate to this font, which would fit nicely to the sport (fast, noble and demanding) and which would serve as a reminder to those times. I would use this font for headlines and maybe for the navigation. What body text would go nicely with it?

As I am yet new to web design and typography I would very much appreciate your help. I am a little stuck on this. I have already looked through type specimens but the sheer amount of fonts and the science to it is quite overwhelming. I hope I am not asking too much.

Thanks for you help and greetings from Austria

PS I have access to Typekit


The font (OFFIZIELLES ORGAN) is Koch Antiqua, for the Masthead (POLOSPORT) take a look at http://Nick Curtis' fonts. If you have some money at hand for this job you can get pay versions of Nick's fonts at http://new.myfonts.com/ (He hangs around here as Old Nick and has done a lot for the font lovers' community.)

Edit: Forgot to mention: There is a free version of Koch Antiqua with just basic charset by Dave Rakowski called Lilith: Click here