Type design books for starters?

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Hey all,
this question is probably asked a dozen times before, but I did a (very) quick search and didn’t find anything relevant.

I’ve long been a big fan of fonts and typography. But lately I’m interested in learning more about it. And more specifically type design. So I’ve been reading and looking all over the internet for more info. But I’m getting a bit lost in here. So. To have a better understanding of what I’m looking for, I’m now interested in buying a good book on the basics of type design. Oh and it would also be good if it doesn’t only contains the basics, and goes even further on the more advanced stuff.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Any must-read internet links on the subject (for beginners) are always appreciated.

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Logo, Font and Lettering Bible by Leslie Cabarga . . .


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Ah thanks, the 'Logo, Font and Lettering Bible’ looks very promising.
And those links look very useful too. I didn’t even found the 'How To’-section on this yet, this will come in handy, I think.
Thank you very much both of you. :)

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Hey leovst,

I'm in the same boat myself, trying to find good beginner books and material for learning more about type design.
You should check out Karen Cheng: designing type. I found it really helpfull :)
Let me know if you find some other good stuff out there!

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Check out the «Triumvirate»*. http://typophile.com/node/15349

I find James Puckett's list pretty interesting too, not that I've read everything on it:

(* BTW, wouldn't this be more aptly named «Triumlibrate»? :-)

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Ah, I had not seen James Puckett's list, Nina -- so thanks for that link!

Counterpunch and Letters of Credit, both on said list, are definitely helpful for beginning typeface designers. Also, I understand that Hyphen Press is working on an updated edition of Counterpunch.

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I have to recommend Doyald Young's books as well. They were massively helpful when I was starting to learn how to draw letters.

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