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Looking for a list of typefaces with the following criterias…

Good day everyone.

I am not looking for a specific typeface but rather a list of professional typefaces that would abide by the criteria listed below.


  • Proportional spacing for the latin characters with tabular lining figures. (Thanks for clarifying Renko!)
  • French accented latin charaters (é, à, ê…).
  • At least a plain and a bold weight option.
  • Typographers' Quotes (Single and Double)

Desirable attributes but no deal breakers

  • A thin weight option
  • An italic style
  • A condensed style
  • Fractions
  • Stylistic ligatures


  • Both a Sans Seriff and a Seriff cut.
  • Small caps

I'm eagerly awaiting your suggestions.


off the top of my head:

For your first point: You are looking for fonts with tabular figures. See this thread, too.

Additionally: Centro Sans/Serif

P.S.: Figure this out …

Thanks Renko for helping me sort this out. That clarifies things a lot.

I'll browse the threads you have pointed out and see what other fonts listed there fit my criteria list. Thanks for the Centro suggestion. It's a very nice and complete typeface.

Thanks for your suggestions also johndiggity.

FontShop has a list of super-families that include serif and sans fonts.

Some classic fonts, possibly not in the FontShop list, like Palatino and Frutiger have recently added new families to give both a serif and sans.

You'd have to investigate to see if they have all your criteria, but often if they are OpenType font families they would have most of the things you wanted.

- Mike Yanega