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Winner Wine - Brush Font ID


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normally I would assume this is hand drawn, but if you look at the characters the shapes repeat. (for example, the n in Chardonnay, the a appears flipped)

Any ideas on what this would be?


sorry, couldn't get my first post to accept image.

Hello thompson,
I'm Constantinos Spaliaras the designer of Winner Wine in Greece.
I started this hand drawn, based on stephen sprouse sprayed type. It's not a font YET. And you're right i flipped the A in Chardonnay, because it matches better with the gap before the Y. All letters are in vector format.

Here's another photo, with all packs (including cabernet sauvignon)


Thanks, Constatinos, for letting us know and solving a mysterious case. Florian, Yves, Stephen – use your wands please.