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How can I make this better?

Hi everybody,
I'm a student of master in graphic design and I'm building a new typeface. It's a remake of a hand lettering. The original draw was made by a Oporto's seller.

Here is http://typophile.com/files/hamburg.jpg

I'm showing here for ask your contribution and opinion. I have many doubts about how I can adapt the original design for new caracters. Can anyone help me?
Please, say what do you think about. Sugestions and critics are welcome.


Olá diego!

I like it very much.
I'm not sure about your problems in adapt the original design for new caracters- the work so far is nice. In my point of view you have lots of "good curves" that can help you get all other characters...can you be more specific in what characters are you experience dificulties?
Concerning the one that you made so far I want to point this:
I- looks like e small i that has been scaled
M- looks wide
A- looks wide

I made a small adaption in your file, hope that you dont mind :)

Força Portugal!


Tanks for your attention, António.
I show now the lower cases.

and now?


Where do you study and who are you working with?