A fresh allround serif

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Hi all, after using Nexus a few years for at least half the projects, it's time for something different; a fresh serif.

My shortlist for now:
Expo serif

Any suggestions – or comments – would me more than welcome, and appreciated off course.
Thanks in advance, Brieck

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I suggest that you use Expo Serif. (Is this the kind of suggestions you were looking for?)

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I suggest that you use Expo Serif. (Is this the kind of suggestions you were looking for?)

Uhmm no, but you probably already knew that. So I'm not even gonna ask you for the argument(s) favouring Axpo. Bye, Brieck.

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A couple that come to mind...

Galaxie Copernicus

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We've used Arnhem – along with Sansa – quite a lot in the past; works like a charm, but never could really make it sing on the page. But perhaps it was just me – or us, for that matter.
Galaxie Copernicus looks promising though, I'll take a closer look at that, thanks!

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You don't give more details about the characteristics you're searching for.
Based on your shortlist, my guesses:

1. Stuart.
Resembles Expo Serif Pro, with a more moderate calligraphic feel. It has a lot of OT features and a good set of weights. Very readable, although with a clear personality.

2. Guardian Tex
More cool and neutral, with a huge x-height, it's no calligraphic at all. Maybe one of the more legibles fonts available, although it demands more leading to achieve this.

Or maybe you're searching for something different, like this project.

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Sorry if I offended you, Brieck. I thought this was a humorous way to hint it was better if you gave more details.

Besides, I really do suggest that you use Expo Serif. It's a very nice typeface.

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Characteristics. Well, I do a lot of work on management books, occasionally student's textbooks, etcetera. (So I'll have to look into a sans as well, for now my choice would be Din, primarily becaus we already got the set – but perhaps the budget leaves room for...)

Anyway, it struck me that a lot of books in that field look alike; thoroughly but a bit boring in a way. Though I know there's more to it than just starting of with a different typeface, I took a closer look at Fedra. Somewhat overused perhaps, but more important; I wonder whether it stands lengthy reading that well.
Than I came across Expo; it's not tó dark, with nice soft curves and swashes.

This morning I did some experimenting with Calluna (the Roman is free). And I must say I'm impressed. It handles really easy, runs pretty economically (wich is generally appreciated by editors and such) and is without a doubt highly readable.

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@ ori ben dor
I wasn't offended in any way, absolutely not.

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