A math font that maps the same as Cambria Math?

Hello Experts! :D

I am working on a Journal of Science booklet and I am having some issues with some math equations. In their Word document they used Cambria Math to do their math equations. I have my body copy set in Adobe Garamond Pro. The math equations are not showing up.

Is there anything out of the Adobe Library 11 that will map the same as Cambria Math. I don't have Cambria Math on my computer to substitute what I am currently using.

Thanks for the help.


You can download Asana-Math and see if it can be good for you. I have never tried it.

PS Here is a Wiki stub on Asana-Math.

The fonts that "map the same as Cambria Math" are the unicode math fonts. There are very few available if I rely on the readme file of the experimental unicode-math XeTeX package. There are Cambria Math, Asana Math, Neo Euler and a non yet available STIX font.

I just tried that unicode-math package on a my Mac on which VMware Fusion is installed and also Microsoft Office 2007 with Cambria Math (under Windows XP Professional). Here is what I get (I formatted the equations with standard TeX commands).

Here are the same equations with the Fourier package that I use almost daily with pdftex (Fourier is a Type 1 font)

That tells you how the fonts look (with XeTeX for the unicode fonts and pdftex for Fourier).

Now it is unclear how to get the equations out of Word 2007. Those equations can't even be read by Word 2008 on OS X. I tried some software that purportedly translates them to LaTeX, but without much success. Does anyone know if there is a reliable tool to take equations from a Word 2007 document and process them with some other software?