Hand-rendered Woodtype & Brush Calligraphy: The Wild West Meets the Middle East

An experiment in satire expressed through typographic style. This recent quote from a Muslim cleric seemed custom made for the format of a Wild West wanted poster. I based the typography on actual fonts from old posters and contemporary wood-type fonts, but rendered it in walnut ink, then added my own faux Asian-Farsee brush calligraphy. Apologies to the purists, at least the text is exact, as lifted from one of the many inexact translations available at online news sites and on the crumpled up front page of the Times at my local coffee shop.

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Tremors maybe? :-)

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Such silliness indeed deserves mockery.

One hopes, however, that most Muslims - even most Shia Muslims - in fact have more sense than to esteem that particular cleric.

For an unrelated reason - because I wanted to know of the source of a quote - I happened to hunt up information about a Muslim woman of the early eleventh century who would have been a seismic risk by this standard: Wallada bint al-Mustakfi.

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Thank you for the research. I had never heard of Wallada bint al-Mustakfi and her story is amazing. She even has her own Facebook page, although only two people willing to publicly acknowledge they "like" her:).

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Wow! That's lovely. It has just the right amount of humor content and media -wise but remains elegant stylistically.

What's 'walnut ink'?

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Walnut ink is I think made from actual walnuts (some alchemy-mashup there, maybe they put it in a wine press??).It is a dark rich brown that puddles like watercolor.

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