(x) autoerotique - Chalet/bauhaus(ish) typeface - Chalet London 70 or Expressa {Mike Y, Mike F}

I have a thing for lowercase e's set at a slant like that. Much thanks!


Wait a sec, That is a form of chalet isn't it?

Yes, Chalet London 70 seems to match, but it might also be Elsner+Flake Expressa that has been closed. It would be a much smaller investment.

- Mike Yanega

Or even cheaper, the version by Brendel Typeshop - the original designer of Expressa.

Thanks to you both. I think I still like the chalet one the best. I never realized there were so many fonts of this nature....

Check out this font I just found called "Dan" free here...

Similar but very bold and condensed.