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Scientic Simplicity

Hi folks,
Some month ago i started creating my first font, but i didn’t finished till the end cause i was not satisfied with the result. Now i wanted to pick up this project, and i wanted to know some critique and opinions if it is worth to contiune working on it, and what i could change to make it better.

thanks for any response

font scientic simplicity

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Hobbes Oakley,

We are assembling a gallery show
hilighting the first fifty typefaces in the
Typophile critique and need to contact you.

If you’re listening, please email me at or post some
contact info to this forum so I can send you
the details.


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the first thing i see is that the “breaks” that give off the “stencil” look aren’t consistant.
this is throught all the letters. could be nice, keep up the work.

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