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Postage / Envelope Ink Stamps

Hi guys,

Could anyone please help me identity these fonts? I'm looking at the typefaces you find on the round ink postage stamps (do they have a different name to normal paper stamps?) - in particular these:

If anyone knows what they are or knows of anything similar I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.



I suspect they are a special set of letters that were created to make these cancellation stamps. These are too old to be 'fonts' in the sense of something you put on your computer. I couldn't find fonts made to look like this exactly, but FF Stamp Gothic might make a close substitute.

- Mike Yanega

When I design prop postmarks I use Sublime by Joseph Coniglio. If offers a very similar feeling.

Denim Light is also a good choice for the narrow text in the center of the postmark, though the numerals are perhaps not quite right.

Those are good suggestions Andrew. You certainly know about props with your Lovecraft work.

- Mike Yanega