Sharon Jones and the Dap-King fonts

Anyone know the font used for "THE" "AND" and "DAP-KINGS". Also any clues to the type for "SHARON JONES" would be nice as well. Thanks.


I think Sharon Jones is Decorated 035, the Bitstream name for an older typeface whose name I forget at the moment. If you make the outline color the same as the shadow color I think you get the same look.

The sans may be Futura.

- Mike Yanega

"THE" is not Futura bold condensed and "DAP-KINGS" Futura Bold?

"SHARON JONES" is Profil; the sans is Futura Heavy (Adobe/Linotype version); and the script is House Script from House Industries.

"Profil" was the name I was trying to remember. I knew you would know it Mark.

- Mike Yanega

One of the first typefaces I was ever aware of. I think I had some rub-down sheets of it when I was a kid. Cue "Man From U.N.C.L.E." theme...

...or, better yet, Sharon Jones. She's great.