Custom Font Creation Project

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Custom Font Creation Project

I am looking to hire someone with custom font creation tools and experience to assist in creating an original, custom font.

Letterforms (glyphs mostly) are already hand drawn and converted to Adobe Illustrator file. I need someone who can take that file and put it into Fontlab, or other font creation software to create a usable Mac/Windows TT or other format font. These forms are unique, so kerning and spacing of the fonts will be very important.

Total characters: approx. 60 (with some punctuation, etc.)

I need someone with font creation experience, Adobe Illustrator, and samples of previous work.
All rights, copyrights, etc. of all work created will be solely of the client.

Anyone interested, or know where I could find someone to assist with this project?

I have included a small sample, with both the upper and lower case variant of each letterform.